Our BeautifuAngels


Amanda De Fiebre (34)

SWFL Metsquerade Committee member

On August 30th, 2019 the SWFL Metsquerade suffered a colossal loss.  Amanda succumbed to this horrific disease that takes more than 40,000 precious lives each year. To the people that knew Amanda she was the epitome of resilience, fighter and firm believer. She worked tirelessly as a MBC advocate and to raise funds for metastatic breast cancer. We were blessed to have her on our team and she will always be remembered as the fierce and wonderful woman she was.

Stephanie Sunday  (38)


Penne Chadala (62)


Gail "Gracie" Germain (45)

Melinda Williams (64)

steph_n_Michael (2).jpg
Briana Sykes 31Y metavivor boardmember.j

Elizabeth  Thiger (52)


Cara Heather Gentile (42)

Monica Hill (35)

Metavivor Board of Directors

Briana Sykes (31)

Metavivor Board of Directors

Laurie Kean (67)


Debbie Petrocelli (57)

Perla Robertson (42) 

Jennifer Lynn Edgar (41)

Jennifer Lynn Edgar 41Y.jpg

Andrea Parker (40) 

Stephanie Haak (46)

Kady Haynes (30)

07/23/1983 - 04/22/2014

Karina Walsh (33)

Sandy Henderson Smith (62)

12/18/1954 - 01-28-2017

Megan Gigi Brandt (61)

Cindy_Sprague_Krieg_10-03-17_n (2).jpg

Cindy Sprauge Krieg

Andrea Zinn (38)

Andrea Zinn_n.jpg

The goal of the SWFL Metsquerade is to raise funds for MBC Research. Research that will help beautiful women like our  Angels live longer, healthier and happy lives. If you would like to help us in our efforts, please donate  today. Any amount is important and it is simple, just click on the button below and follow the prompts. 

Jenny Cooper (34)

08/17/1982 - 12/01/2016

Giana Uratani (29)

02/26/1987 - 12/27/2016

Maia Swartz (45)
05/05/1973 - 05/20/2017