Your donation is so important and is greatly appreciated. Any amount, big or small,

is crucial in our attempt to raise money for Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Research.

Over 40,000 men and women die every year in the US from MBC and an estimated 500,000 worldwide. No one dies from cancer in the breast, it is when it spreads to other body sites (lungs, liver, lymph, bones and brain) that it becomes deadly. Once breast cancer spread outside the breast, the average time of survival is about 33 months!! Metastatic Breast Cancer is also called MBC, Advanced Breast Cancer or Stage IV (4) Breast Cancer, no matter what you call it; MBC is the only breast cancer that kills. Of all the Breast Cancer fundraising dollars raised by different organizations each year in the US, only a mere 4% goes to Research. The rest goes to costly overheads, salaries, awareness programs, pamphlets etc.; we are dedicated to change that. We strive to convince every breast cancer charity to donate a minimum of 30% of their funds to MBC Research and Support. We are aware that it cost money to raise money and we have chosen to support METAvivor because they are the only organization in the US donating 100% of their donations to support Metastatic Breast Cancer. Metavivor is a volunteer-led organization where no one receives a salary. The average overhead cost for Breast Cancer Organizations is approximately 40% of their donations. METAvivor’s annual overhead cost is only 4% and is paid for by their corporate sponsors; this ensures that every dollar you donate will go to research programs benefiting men and women living with MBC.

     Every day, 114  mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and men too, from all walks of life, die from this devastating disease. Young women, even under the age of 20 are diagnosed with MBC. Too many Mothers are never going to be there for their children’s milestones such as graduations, engagements, weddings and all those other precious moments life should offer them. Thanks to METAvivor.org your generous donation will make a difference in the lives of the 150,000 men and women living with MBC here in the US. That is why we ask for your support.

If you would like to make a donation,

please make your check or money order

payable to Metavivor, Inc. and mail to


SWFL Metsquerade

PO Box 778

Estero, FL  33929  

Or call 239-322-2110 for more information                                                                                      



Thank you for your support.